Welcome To The Official East Budleigh F.C. Website

bluejay+footballHi Everyone,

On behalf on East Budleigh FC I would like to welcome you to our new website. Here you can find out about the clubs history and keep up to date with its present. Find out about the current players, where they play, and how long they’ve played for the Blue Jays. Subscribe to this blog to receive weekly match-day reports. Add us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share anything East Budleigh related. For you players, never make that mistake of double booking yourself on a match day again by frequenting the Fixtures page. This season we’re introducing an MVP award – players score points per game (an East Budleigh Fantasy League!). You can keep up to date with your score and rank via the Player Standings page. Have your say about the club and contact us about any feedback or queries you may have.

In summary, this site is to promote the club to new potential players, provide information to the general public, and give you current players something to read whilst you’re on the toilet! So share this site, it’s pages, and post’s, and let’s make this season our best yet!

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